Monday, June 29, 2009

so long, june.

The end of June, already. Can't believe it. We're halfway through the year now. Wow.

So I'm looking back at my calendar... My Google Calendar, to be exact. Have you tried this amazing tool before? I use Google Calendar DAILY and sync it with my Blackberry. It is definitely an everyday tool I use to keep my life in order. With 5 children and lots of activities, classes, appointments, etc... it certainly makes my life easier and I can't recommend it enough.

So... the month of June rolled in quietly for us. We started out with laid-back weekends including fun stuff like a bonfire-- along with roasting marshmallows! The girls got a kick out of it, for sure. The big sisters passed on the fun, unfortunately...


No big events at the beginning of the month, and then... BAM! Everything hit us at once mid-month. The main event of the month was the triplets' Spring Dance Recital. The girls did a great job, adorable I tell you!

Here they are at the recital rehearsal... (cute)


... and on Recital night.


Then there was the visit to the cherry farm, followed by the beginning of swimming lessons...


Wrapping up the month was Kindergarten Graduation, but watch for those pics and story in an upcoming post.

June was a busy, busy month for our family and just the beginning to a busy, busy summer!

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