Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Wine Tasting & Getting Ready for CKU...

Wine Tasting in Temecula Valley

I went wine tasting this weekend with my fellow Book Club members. We had an awesome time... We went to Mount Palomar Winery in Temecula and it was so kewl. I tasted six wines for $5, what a deal! I tried the Meritage, the Temecula Rose and the Riesling (along with others I can't remember.) My favorite turned out to be the Riesling, what a surprise... I hardly ever drink white wine. I'm definitely going back for more, but next time with my husband. We are thinking about going to a Bed & Breakfast out there for my birthday in November. Then we can hit a few of the wineries in the Temecula Wine Country and take the winery tour van so we don't have to drive!

They had a covered patio area and a deli, so we all gathered outside to eat cheese and french bread, drink a bottle of Chardonnay, and to discuss our most recent book, The Time Traveler's Wife. Let me say that this is an excellent read. The story is so complex, so intelligent; I just devoured it! It's a meaty book, though; it took me a couple of weeks to finish it. Still, it really was one of my favorite books so far and I think you should pick it up if you are a serious bookworm like me.

Creating Keepsakes University

CKU is just around the corner. I leave in exactly one week for my drive up to San Jose and I just get so tickled when I think about it! I can't wait to get there to shop the scrapbook stores with my fellow Southern Californian scrappers, meet my friends from unscrappable.com, and meet the scrapbooking celebrities I love to read about in my magazines! And let's don't forget all the awesome classes I am signed up for... I can't wait to learn a thing or two and put my new ideas to work in my own scrapbooks at home! And then there are the swaps I'm signed up for! I am so anxious to get my hands on all the tags and 6x6 pages from other addicted scrappers like me! Tomorrow I'm going to get my lists together and I'll start packing my things. I know our departure date will just creep up on me and will be here before I know it.

In closing...

Yeah, I didn't have a whole lot to say in my blog tonight. I guess it's because I'm kinda sleepy and feeling lazy. I wish I could update my blog during the day, but there is just no extra time when I'm taking care of my darling triplets. Oh well, at least I'm keeping up with my journaling... even if it's online and even if it's short sometimes.

Oh, I wanted to say hey to all my relatives up north who felt that big earthquake today... Hope you all are doing okay.

Thanks for reading; see you soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Seasons, a Trip, Running and More...

The Cool-Down

The weather is changing here in Southern California... I love it! Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love the autumn leaves, the cool air, and the APPLES! Yep, you got it... APPLES. Autumn is apple season and I love to drive down to
Julian for caramel apples and hot apple pie! Anyone care to join me? Just let me know!

Plus, autumn means it's close to my birthday! (Nov 28) Don't forget!

Do You Know the Way?

I'm heading up to San Jose in just two weeks. I can't wait. Some scrapbooking buddies and I are driving up there to attend a big scrapbooking convention. I just know it's going to be awesome. Hey, if you haven't seen any of my scrapbooks yet, be sure to ask me about them the next time you see me. I love sharing my addiction! Also, I'm hoping that I can see a few of my favorite friends and family while I'm there. Give me a call on my cellie if you have any free time!

So yeah, I'm going to be in San Jose for at least four days without my children. HUH? Yep, and it's the first time ever. My oldest is 16 years old and I've never been away from her for more than a couple of days. Well, this is with the exception of the time that they went away to visit my parents for 10 days... And that was tough! They called me every night crying! I'm guessing that they may be happy to see me go this time, since they're a few years older now. But then there are my babies... I have never even left them for more than a few HOURS. I hope we all can handle this. But the good thing is that my husband will also be driving to Northern CA while I'm there, so that we can all drive back down together. Thank goodness.


So my sister (and others) seems to think that I need to get out more... since I have enough time to draft and publish this blog. Hmmm... let me think. Yeah, I guess I've got the extra time; because I MAKE THE TIME! I make the time for myself because so much of my days are spent taking care of others. Shoot, when I worked a full-time job and went to school at night, it was MUCH easier and less hectic than my life is now. With 3 one-year olds and 2 teenagers to look after, as well as taking care of our home, playdates with the triplets, soccer practices and games, doing for my husband and anything else that comes up, I'm usually left with a precious few hours in the wee of the night! That's when I get MY stuff done. So yeah, I have time to blog because I think it's a fun thing to do and it's just for ME. Why not?

:::OK, now that I've got that off my chest, I'm feeling much better! Let me also mention that I wuv my sister!:::

A Marathon?

Have you ever considered running a marathon? Not me! But actually, I've been considering a smaller feat; say, a 5 or 10k? Now, believe me when I say that even the shorter races would be a feat for me. I haven't run in AGES. But I've been thinking about it lately. I was thinking maybe I'd like to start exercising again and then run a race or two here in the L.A. or San Diego areas by next Spring. What do you think? Any comments or advice? I think I'm gonna do it. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck.

In Closing...

The night is not-so-young, so I must be going. It's already past 11pm and I still have so much to do before I head off to bed at about 1:30am. I'll be back, so join me again soon! And leave me some comments, I'd love to hear what you think. About anything!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

bathtime beauties! Posted by Hello

Another Milestone...

The Ba-Ba's gone...

My darling triplets, Malia, Kaia and Marisa, turned 18 months old yesterday. This is an important age for them because their dad and I decided that at exactly 18 months old we'd stop giving them a bottle. Well, the time has come. How did it come upon us so fast?

:::Okay now, I was just having the "growing-up" issue with Kimberley the other day, but now the triplets??? Ugh. Weren't my little darlings just born the other day?:::

Actually, it was on March 17, 2003, in Honolulu, Hawaii, that they came into the world and blessed the life of our family as a whole. They came 2 months premature at 3 lbs 12 oz, 3 lbs 14 oz, and 3lbs 14.5 oz, respectively. They've changed our whole world. They were the very first triplets I had ever seen in real life, and they were so beautiful. All the nurses in the NICU complimented us on what beauties they were. They were born on St. Patrick's Day and they have truly been our lucky charms. And I just want them to stay babies forever and always. OK?

I'm not sure how this is going to go; I'm hoping that they won't even notice that they don't get a bottle tonight and that they will drift off to sleep content nonetheless. Hmmm... Do you think there's really a chance? For the sake of my sanity, and my husband's as well, I sure hope so. I sure hope they don't sit there and realize, "Hey... Mom and Dad just gave us our very last bottles ever!"

Okay, I'm off to deal with the rest of the day... About four more hours and we'll see how this all pans out. Keep your fingers crossed for us, please?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

September 15th...

Today is September 15. My baby, Kimberley, is fourteen years old today. Okay, technically she is not THE baby anymore, but she was THE baby for the first twelve years of her life. I can't believe she is now a freshman in high school and fourteen years old. How did this happen?

I look at both of my older daughters and sometimes I just can't believe my eyes... Who are these beautiful young women? What happened to the cute and adorable girls that I grew up with? I gave birth to Julia when I was just 17 and to Kimberley when I was only 19, so really... we were all kids. I stare at them and I wonder... "How long will I be able to keep them with me?" If it were up to me, they'd never leave me. I remember when Kim was little, she used to tell me that she would marry her Daddy and me and we'd be together forever. Something tells me this is not so anymore. What is it that changes in kids that makes them want to stop kissing and hugging and being lovey-dovey with their Mommy when they reach their teenage years? I can't stand it! I just want to yell, "STOP!" "Stop all this growing up that has gone on without my consent!" But of couse, it still happens.

We took Kim out to dinner tonight, just a simple something to celebrate. We all went to Olive Garden and had a nice time. We ordered a small birthday cake and it was delivered to our table with a candle... all ready for Kim's wish. She was a little embarrassed about it being her birthday, so I quietly sang the "Happy Birthday" song, so as not to bring too much attention to our table. (Wouldn't want to do that, now!) After blowing out the candle, the triplets and I dug in! (Kim didn't want any of the yummy chocolate cake!)

As I sit here thinking about our day before I head off for bed, I'm so full of memories and love... I just want my kids to STAY kids! But I'm thankful for all the cherised moments we've shared so far. And of course, I look forward for many, many more.

Big (((( HUGS )))) for my Kimmy! I love you Kim!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Colds in the summertime...

Doesn't it seem a shame to have a cold in the summertime? It was 90 degrees outside today, a typical Southern California summer day, and I'm cooped-up here in my house- SICK. But not only am I sick today, my one-year-old triplets are sick and that makes me even more miserable. They're so fussy, so I'm fussy now.

Why doesn't some genius invent the cure for the common cold? I mean this is the year 2004! Isn't it long overdue?

I hate this. I feel like shit. Excuse me while I get some Ginger & Lemon tea. See ya laters.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Short week, short blog...

Yeah, I'm not feeling much up to blogging today. The triplets have come down with some type of virus with runny noses and I seem to have joined them. Ugh. I really hate being sick. It slows me down so much, especially when I'm trying to take care of them by myself. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow morning because I really wanted to head down to the Temecula Farmer's Market if I can. We'll see how that pans out...

So the weekend is here, I should embrace it but really... all I want to do right now is sleep. The babes are in slumberland already (down for a nap) so I may as well take advantage. G'night!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

So much for my blogging habit...

I really wanted to keep up with this darn blog! Don't get me wrong, I really love to blog when I have the time, but who has the time? Certainly not me these days... With visitors from Northern California for the past 2 weeks, and lots of stuff going on here at home... I'm just failing at my blog.

My Newest Love

I've joined a book club, did I tell ya? I am loving this group so much! The first book we read was Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons and I'd recommend it to anyone! It's an easy and fast read, and the writing keeps you hanging on. I love the stories of friendship and camaraderie between women… Lots of laughs too! If you like watching chick-flicks at the movies, you’ll definitely want to read this book. Be sure to pick it up next time you’re in a bookstore… (Did I just sound like a commercial?)

We met on the last Sunday afternoon in August at our Book Club Meeting and it was great. In keeping with the theme of the Angry Housewives, the hostess served Appletini's, bon-bons, and other good treats. It was the best time I've had in a very long time. Can’t wait for the September meeting.

The next book is The Time Traveler's Wife. I'm having some trouble keeping up with this book; sometimes I get lost between chapters. But it was listed as one of the 10 best books of the year, so I'm going to hang in there and hope I "get it" somewhere before the end of story! I mean, it must be a good book, right?

Housewarming Party

Suffice it to say that it was a low turnout for this one. I invited most of my relatives and good friends from the Northern and Central California areas, but with the exception of our immediate families, no one showed up. I was so bummed. To be fair, though, we do live a ½ days’ drive from most of them so I can understand why they didn’t want to make the trek to Southern California over Labor Day Weekend. Still. Oh well. Anyone want some beef or chicken enchiladas? I’ve got a ton of them just sitting in my freezer. Margarita mix, too… Margaritas anyone? Anyone?

Personal Training

I met a really nice girl named Kelly at the Temecula Mall this summer. She kinda scoped me out because I had my triplets with me and she is a triplet mom as well. Kewl! She approached us, introduced herself and mentioned that she was starting her own business as a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant. Well, she’s just beautiful so it’s obvious that she knows that of which she speaks… I contacted her recently to talk to her about Personal Training and she gave me her fees… Turns out that for 10 personal training sessions and 8 weeks of nutrition consultation, she charges 1K. OUCH! Now, this wouldn’t have been a problem when I was working full-time outside the home, but now that my sailor is the only one in our household earning an income, things are a little different. I must admit though, that my sailor is very supportive of anything I want to do, but I can clearly see that he’d rather have me spend the money on landscaping or buying other things for our new home. Ugh. I really want to do this. I will be crunching, shuffling, and whatever else I can do with our numbers to see what I can come up with… But if it isn’t meant to be this year, then so be it. I will definitely do it next year when I get our tax refund. We’re expecting a big one next time…

In closing...

I've got lots on my mind right now and tons of things on my to-do list dancing around in my head. I'm starting to lose focus here at my pc, so I'll just close for now. We'll get together again soon, ok?