Thursday, March 26, 2009

Me. Today.

ME *today*

1. Stressed-out over things that are beyond my control. Like the rest of the U.S. population, I suppose.

2. Spending lots of time with the triplets lately, since they’re off-track from school the entire month of March.

3. Working through the clutter in our home. It’s amazing home much stuff a family can accumulate with 5 daughters!

4. Still on a “Disney High” after spending two days at Disneyland & California Adventure last week.

5. Haven’t had a single migraine since my Arizona Getaway to visit my parents… Mini-vacations are definitely good for me. That’s proof.

6. It’s making me feel so happy to have my home as tidy as it is right now… Now, how do I keep it this way without evicting my children? (joke)

7. Eating lots of candy the past few days. Is it my comfort food?

8. Hopeful that Spring will bring good news along with it…