Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Wakin' Up Early to Blog...

I am up before the babes this morning... my attempt to get to the pc and actually sit down to blog. My intentions are good every day; I plan to make time to type another entry, but it just doesn't happen. Life gets in the way. So I've decided to just blog when I have the time. Sorry to my fans who check this blog every day! (Yeah, whatever!)

Saturday Crop

This past weekend was a good one. At least Saturday was. I woke up early to pack up my CIS Navigator with all my scrapbooking supplies and I headed out to Irvine to meet some girls for a crop at the Scrapbook Oasis. We are all going to CKU-San Jose in October and we decided to get together and meet ahead of time. They are the best chicks you would ever want to meet. Totally Unscrappable. None of them have heard of unscrappable.com yet, though. I mentioned the site to them, but forgot to give them all the details, the url, etc. I'll have to follow up on that.

So one of these girls grew up not too far from where I was raised in Northern California. Kewl. Another is an awesome singer and a pretty good artist! The other one rides a Harley to and from work each and every day. Unbelieveable. You'd never guess by looking at her. I'm so happy that I met these ladies and I can't wait to hang out with them at CKU. I also can't wait for another chance to get out of the house for an entire day by myself!

Housewarming Party

Plans are coming along with the Housewarming Party over Labor Day Weekend... Slowly but surely. Honestly, this is going to be a totally laid-back thing. Eating Mexican food, drinking some sangrias and/or margaritas, and hanging out with friends and family. Very simple. Still, the simple things still require some planning and I've been lagging on this a little bit. But I'm confident that things will all come together and turn out fine. If you are reading my blog, consider yourself invited to my party. Email me for the details... :)

Cancel That Vacation... By order of the U.S. Navy

Well, I've been informed by my sailor that we are going to have to cancel our planned vacation to Hawaii next June. It seems that the USN has other plans. My sailor will be leaving for the Persian Gulf at that time and he'll be gone until December. Ugh. This is the part of being a military wife that I really hate. After 17 years, I still can't get used to it. It still sucks. So there goes our 2-week, fun filled stay in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands with our girls... Instead, my darling will be sweating his ass off in the Persian Gulf. So I'm thinking of taking my girls on a mini-vacation next Fall, while Dad is still away. I'm thinking that I'd like to visit either Arizona or New Mexico in either October or November. Anyone have suggestions? I'd really appreciate any input here... I'm going to have to become very creative on what to do with my time while we're apart. It helps the days pass more quickly... It's still a half-year away though, so I have some time to plan my activities.

Book Club

I'm reading Lorna Landvik's Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons. So far, so good. It's all about friendship between women, so I'm really digging this book. It's taking me a little longer than I would usually take to read a book (in the times prior to triplets), but that's because I can barely find time alone to curl up and get into it! I'm always getting disturbed by three little rugrats who think that this book is one of their toys!

I'll give an informal review of it as soon as I'm done. (And after I meet with my Book Club on Sunday.)

In Closing...

Two of the three Masters of my Universe have awakened from their slumber, so my time alone has come to an end. Check in with me in another day or two. I should have more to write by then.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Here I am!

Hey, this blog thing is awesome. Muchisimas gracias to Cherry for turning me on to blog. I 'm excited to have my own place to let it all out and to express myself when the words aren't leaving my lips the way I intended them to... I'm hopeful that by doing this for myself, it will keep me focused on who I am and the person I intend to be. Sometimes my life is so focused around my family and others that I really lose sight of myself. This will be my sacred space, for me, and for those who care to know what I'm really about.