Thursday, August 18, 2005

::: Starting Preschool :::

My triplets attended their very first day of "preschool" on Tuesday.

Technically, it's not your traditional preschool. It's our local school district preschool's "2-year-old program." But still, it's preschool, right?

I was so impressed by the teacher, the curriculum, etc... But most of all, I was impressed by these big girls --

The girls checking out the toys...

Marisa sitting at her table...

Malia balancing herself:

Kaia eating snack:

Malia & Marisa eating snack together:
Malia & Marisa

The staff treated them like the big girls that they are... Not like at home where they are pampered and fussed over by everyone. And you know what? They loved it! I certainly learned a thing or two on that very first day!

We're going back Thursday morning and I can't wait!


Colleen said...

yay for preschool. i'm so glad they had a good time. oh, and they are adorable. i admire you...triplets! you are my hero

Suzanne said...

Thats it! This has all GOT TO STOP! I demand that they stop growing, getting older or doing anything that resembles growing up NOW! I think you need to move back home now! The babies must remain babies...and thats all I have to say about that! Oh yeah, and I'll kill anyone who makes them cry...I swear I will! Just watch what happens if anyone takes a toy away from any one of them! HOLD ME BACK! I think I need to go to sleep now....nite

Marjorie said...

OMGosh they start them young! LOL So adorable...
Seems like you're doing better...I can hear it in your *voice*.
Yes I'll be in CA during the Labor Day weekend. Yipee...I can imagine the crowds at Disney but I'm going anyway (for just 1 day though). What would be the best day? We are only there from Friday thru Monday, come home on Tuesday...too bad you'll be gone would like to have met you...enjoy your trip though you deserve it!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Triplets! You have your hands full! They are too cute, preschool will be great for them :)