Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Last Night an iPod Saved My Life..."

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Thank heaven for my little green iPod Mini... I love her so much... She totally came through for me yesterday in a way I never would have imagined...

So, it was a stressful afternoon with the triplets on Saturday. Nothing major, but they had thoroughly made a mess of the living room and family room, including digging in some mashed-up crackers into my couch, spilling their drinks (accidentally on purpose) on to the tile floor in the entry way, and taken every toy they own out of their play area and spread it out on the entire first floor of our home.

Then the headache came. It was quick and strong. I could feel my eyes throbbing.

I coerced my 14-year old take her baby sisters upstairs to the loft for awhile so I could get my wits about me and clean up the terrible mess. After securing the rarely used baby gate, I took a deep breath and walked to the bathroom to take some meds for that no-good headache.
I've learned not to wait when one of those comes on... Better to nip it in the bud before it ruins my entire day (or evening, in this case). Once I was medicated, I remembered that I had recently put some meditative music on my iPod. Hmmm... I thought. Could this actually work?

So I spread myself out on the couch and turned it on. Kept the volume low so that it would soothe me, but loud enough to drown out any voices of my 4 daughters upstairs. I set my cell-phone to go off in 30 minutes, in case I fell asleep, because I still had to clean the mess. I proceeded close my eyes and let it take me away.

It worked.

30 minutes later, I was awakened by my cell phone alarm and the "album" was just wrapping up. I felt refreshed and calm, and better yet, the headache was ALL GONE. Wow.

I will definitely use this technique again. Props go to the person or persons who came up with that clever little life-saving gadget.


Joaline said...

I can relate to not only the mess that kids make in the house but also the headache. I am starting to think I should buy stock in Tylenol since I use it so often. Since I live in 2 bedroom (soon to be 3) bungalo there is no escape from my two "angels" plus the two extra's I watch for my friend. Good luck to you.

island girl said...

man...i could have totally used that last night! the pumpkin and i were having a rough night last night...needless to say i felt like a bad mom afterward, but having him fall asleep in my arms made it all good again!