Saturday, August 13, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

Ok, well... I'm working on someone else's circle journal right now. The theme of her CJ is "Guilty Pleasures." Since I'm determined to get my contribution for this CJ done (or at least started) tonight, I thought I'd put my ideas down before I design and create my layout. What better place to do this than on my blog, right?

So it got me thinking... Do I have any guilty pleasures? Anything frivilous that I do just for me??? Hmmmm... This is what I've come up with so far:

  • DAILY: My iPod Mini. It was one of the costlier purchases for myself during this year (I don't spend much on myself anymore), but it was so worth the money. I am totally getting the most out of this little dynamo. I listen to my faves in my iTunes music library most days.
  • WEEKLY: Starbucks. Ok, no biggie, but sometimes I feel bad when I buy a treat just for me. I don't even know why I feel guilty about it... Maybe because I'm not working anymore and since I could very well make my own cuppa joe at home? But then I think to myself, "Don't I deserve this?" The answer is always YES. I sooooo love that Grande NonFat No-Whip Mocha and I inhale its goodness each time I experience one...
  • BI-WEEKLY: Scrapbooking with friends at a CROP. Sometimes it's not easy to get out of the house, or I feel guilty for leaving my family for an entire day (although sometimes it's only for an evening), but I do push myself to just go. And when I finally get there, I'm always glad I made it. The uninterrupted time to myself to just sit and create and talk and laugh with friends is PRICELESS. I wouldn't give this time up for anything.
  • MONTHLY: Pedicures. I really try to limit myself to one pedicure a month. In between pedicures, I do change my own polish, etc. but it just isn't the same as letting someone else do it. So very relaxing. And don't forget those cute little flowers I like to get during the summer.
  • SEMI-ANNUALLY: Aveda Concept Salon. An entire morning with my hairdresser getting the much-needed haircut and highlights. Now, sometimes in the busyness of my life I sometimes let this go when I really shouldn't... But if I'm on time, I make it in to my favorite Aveda Salon every 10 weeks or so. And you can certainly bet that I enjoy every minute of it... especially the scalp massage I get while getting my hair washed... HEAVEN ... and before I leave, I stock up on all my favorite Aveda hair products. It's the best stuff out there, if you ask me!
  • A COUPLA TIMES A YEAR: Massage. OMG. I feel unbelieveably good after a good massage... So stretchy and limber, so not stressed-out, kinda tingly... I really should make time more often for this, but I'm lucky to get out of the house sometimes!

So what do you think? Should I feel guilty? To be perfectly honest, I don't think I should feel guilty one bit. But they are my little indulgences; things I treasure and appreciate because they are out of the ordinary day-to-day stuff I do for myself and my family. Thank goodness for the little things, huh? I think they keep me sane!

I'll try to post my layout by tomorrow night...

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