Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday!

Oh man, I have neglected my blog for so very long! I’m telling you, sometimes life just gets away from me and, well, you know… But here I am again. It’s late at night, the kids (and the husband) are fast asleep and I’ve got some time to myself. Oh, before I forget… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! (Yes, I realize I am WAY late!)

It’s Tuesday, February 1, 2005; my husband’s birthday! He’s 38 years old today. HUH? Gosh… I met the guy when he was only 19 years old. That means I’ve known him almost 20 years. I can’t even believe it. Happy birthday, honey!

Our family is getting set for a mini-deployment this month. If you don’t know by now, my husband, Moises is serving in the Navy (going on his 18th year) and he’s being sent out to sea for the month of February. **UGH** I hate this part of being a Navy wife. And it’s harder this time than it was in the past because now we have the almost-two-year-old triplets in our family and I am now a stay-at-home mom. No biggie, you say, this time around (I guess), but it will be a whole other story when he leaves again in June for a six-month deployment to the Persian Gulf. I am so not looking forward to that separation. And being here at home with our five daughters… Hmmm… That could be tough.

Speaking of daughters…

Who gave them permission to grow up so fast? My oldest girls, Julia and Kimberley, are both teenagers although I feel they should still be around 9 and 11 years old. What happened? And the triplets… I can’t believe they will be two years old next month. It was only yesterday that they were newborn preemies, just home from the hospital! (Wasn’t it?) So not only do I have teenage girls to deal with (including boyfriends, endless phone calls, MTV/VH1, IM’ing, etc…), but I am also trying to handle three toddlers and their eating boycotts, potty training, weekly playdates, never-ending messes, and more. What exactly have I gotten myself into? I :::DEMAND::: that these children all go back to their “preferred” ages and be silent little angels for their mommy!!!

Okay, I guess I’m wigging out a bit right now. I’ve got lots of things on my mind and so many daughters to worry about. But I’ll handle it, like I always do. I’ve got the “Super Mom” image to maintain, you know…

…must stay awake… must type faster… must stay awake…

Okay friends, I know this is a measly little blog entry for today but I’m beat. The lids are closing and it’s beyond my control. My breathing is becoming slower and slower and the consciousness is fading… I should have known better than to log on this late at night after spending the entire day taking care of three sick (and cranky) toddlers. What was I thinking? I’ll attempt to get back to my blog in a more reasonable time frame and update it regularly!

See ya soon!

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