Friday, February 11, 2005

100 Things About Me

Hey folks, I'm doing a little project I assigned for myself. It all started when I was thinking of a new layout to do in my scrapbook, which, by the way, is affectionately called "The Book of Me." I wanted to do a couple of pages where some of the little-known details about me could be revealed. So I decided to list "100 Things about Me." Surprisingly, the list wasn't that hard to come up with. I guess we all have little tidbits about ourselves that we don't really share, huh? So instead of my usual post to my blog, I decided to share this list with you all. (Makes my entry for today much easier too!)

100 Things About Me:

I am a Sagittarius.
I read the newspaper daily.
I hate being cold.
I think brunettes are more beautiful than blondes.
I have one tattoo.
I prefer handmade gifts to store-bought.
I treasure my old friends.
I am a dog person.
I am a stay-at-home-mom with no intentions of going back to work anytime soon, for the very first time…
I love 80’s music.
I hate the sun on my face.
I love the warmth of the sun on the rest of my body.
I was married at the age of 17.
I am a defensive driver.
I don’t get too close to many people.
I love watching C-SPAN, especially BOOK-TV.
I tend to be overly pessimistic at times.
I love cooking and baking and trying new recipes.
I drink half-caff almost every morning at home.
I hate gossip.
I have uber-long eyelashes.
I have an obsession with planning and organization.
I wish I could have earned a Bachelor’s Degree—in anything.
Orchids are my favorite flower.
I lived in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu for 8 years.
I really dig wine tasting.
I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty.
I have no living grandparents.
I hate folding laundry.
I enjoy writing/journaling.
I am a lover of all things Zen. Can you say, "Ommm..." ?
I am afraid of heights, although I never was when I was a kid/teenager.
I prefer coffee to tea, but I do try to alternate every once in awhile.
I don’t allow people to wear shoes in my house.
I am deeply in love with my husband.
I cherish my Roman Catholic faith, regardless of scandals.
I hate wearing socks.
I wear my Acuvue 2 contact lenses for up to 3 months although I’m supposed to change them every 2 weeks.
I love flying in airplanes.
I am a mother to 5 beautiful girls.
I love my book club.
I watch General Hospital and Desperate Housewives religiously.
I am considering a career as a Certified Massage Therapist.
I scrapbook moments in my life to leave/share memories with my children and someday my grandchildren.
Pedicures and massages are my favorite little indulgences.
I only apply mascara to my top lashes.
I’d like to move back to Hawaii someday.
I screen most of my incoming phone calls and let the voice mail answer my calls on a regular basis.
Ice cream is my favorite dessert, especially Haagen-Dazs.
I tend to hold grudges, sometimes for too long.
I am a devoted Diet Pepsi drinker.
I am terrified of house fires since a close call at my home a few years back.
I am a bargain shopper.
I am pro-life.
I love Milk Duds mixed in with my buttered popcorn at the movies.
I, along with my husband, am a first-time homeowner.
I am a chronic worrier.
I spend at least one hour on my computer daily.
I am a trustworthy friend.
I don’t ever air my dirty laundry.
I am short.
Until recently, I was the only person I knew (in real life) who had given birth to triplets.
I wish I could nap more often.
I would love to travel through Europe someday.
I only use a black ink pen to write in my checkbook and register.
I hate being late, and when others are late.
I’ve always wanted a yellow kitchen, and now I have one.
I am creative.
I have been a registered Republican since I was 19 years old.
I don’t like birds.
I am pro-adoption.
My life situations sometimes change on account of the U.S. Navy.
I consider plastic surgery as an option for me in the coming years.
I have hips.
I am careful about who I trust.
At Starbucks, I always order a Grande-nonfat-no whip-Mocha.
I want to learn to play the piano.
I wish I were fluent in Spanish and Italian.
I don’t know if my family is complete yet.
I had my first kiss when I was 13.
I am a very good listener.
I hope to someday celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary with my husband.
I am a magazine junkie.
I consider becoming a mother as the best decision I’ve ever made.
I only wear white-metal jewelry (silver, platinum, white gold).
Thai restaurants are my favorite places to eat.
I am a compulsive list-maker.
I love admiring photography.
I feel like I’m always wanting to lose weight.
I have made great friendships by first “meeting” people (girlfriends of course) on the internet.
I would like to have my own little herb garden in my backyard.
I floss daily.
I wish I could someday meet Pope John Paul II.
I sometimes wonder if I’m doing well at being a mother and raising my children.
I seem to be permanently attached to my digital camera; I take it everywhere I go.
I hate when people can’t talk without cussing.
I’d like to be buried alongside my husband in Hawaii when I die.
My favorite (celebrity) musician is Sting.
Autumn is my favorite season.
Since giving birth to my children, my shoe size has increased from a size 6½ to a size 7.

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