Thursday, July 13, 2006

world traveler

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My oldest daughter, Julia, is coming home from her trip to Rome today. Tonight, I should say. Her flight will be rolling in to LAX just a few minutes shy of midnight. I wonder if she'll be the same as when she left... Will she have a new appreciation for the great big world we live in? Will this be the beginning of a life-long love for international travel? Will she choose to do a portion of her college studies abroad? Will she be more mature? Will she be changed by going to a region so rich in history?

I really want her to make a scrapbook about her trip when she gets home... I hope she'll be willing to do it. {Let's hope she took a gazillion pictures, like I asked her to.} I so want to take in all she has seen, touched, smelled, eaten, etc while in Italy. I know I'll go there on my own someday, but until then, I'll live the experience through her.

Can't wait to see her tonight. Seems like she's been gone for so long.

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