Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's okay...

It's totally okay that:

  • I no longer have a salary-earning job.
  • I cut out a million recipes from different magazines, but have only tried maybe one-fourth of them.
  • I love to drink coffee any time of day.
  • I spend at least one hour on my computer daily.
  • I sometimes like to eat breakfast food for dinner.
  • I drive a big ol' SUV and spend too much on gas. {Hey, I've got 5 children now!}
  • I haven't finished earning the degree I want, yet...
  • My siblings say that scrapbooking is such a "MOM" thing to do... WHATEVAH!
  • I enjoy watching the same shows that my teenage girls watch.
  • My collection of shoes is pretty much limited to flip-flops in every design possible.
  • I used all of my 401k savings to buy the house I'm living in now.
  • I don't look like a supermodel.
  • I don't have a son; honestly, I've never wanted to have a little boy {don't hate me!}
  • I usually dream of food... most often, cupcakes.


Marjorie said...

Hello's nice seeing you posting again!!!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much for confirming that all of those things are Okay! A lot of them apply to me too. Cute idea. And, it's nice to know someone loves cupcakes as much as me =) LOL Love ya!

Regina said...

I lke you idea...I am gonna give it a try.~~gina~~