Monday, September 26, 2005

triplets + church = STRESS!

Truth be told, I haven't been to church much since my triplets were born... Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my Catholic faith, how much it means to me to keep God first in my life, but circumstances have really changed since the triplets were born over 2 years ago. Let's just say that my parish priest and I are not on a first-name basis; and that's just WRONG.

I guess the move to Southern California from Hawaii has something to do with it as well... I mean, moving to a new town, starting over with a new parish, etc... And then there are the TRIPLETS. Honestly, we have tried a few times to take them to mass with us since they've been born, and most times it has been almost disastrous. I mean, it's amazing how quiet and content they can be when they are at home; but step into a church for prayer and reflection... I believe that they think it's the perfect time to scream and fight and cry and run, etc... And so it went at mass yesterday morning...

{{{ sigh }}}

But, I will try again next Sunday. And for a few more Sundays after that. I'm determined to help them learn how to behave in church. God please give me strength.

My Girls


Marjorie said...

Plus I bet everyone and their Grandmother stops you to admire them...right!

Colleen said...

aw...but how can you not love those little girls!!! they'll start to behave. and your priest will come around.

Clare said...

Am enjoying reading your blog and I hope you get the girls to behave in Church. They look adorable :).