Wednesday, September 15, 2004

September 15th...

Today is September 15. My baby, Kimberley, is fourteen years old today. Okay, technically she is not THE baby anymore, but she was THE baby for the first twelve years of her life. I can't believe she is now a freshman in high school and fourteen years old. How did this happen?

I look at both of my older daughters and sometimes I just can't believe my eyes... Who are these beautiful young women? What happened to the cute and adorable girls that I grew up with? I gave birth to Julia when I was just 17 and to Kimberley when I was only 19, so really... we were all kids. I stare at them and I wonder... "How long will I be able to keep them with me?" If it were up to me, they'd never leave me. I remember when Kim was little, she used to tell me that she would marry her Daddy and me and we'd be together forever. Something tells me this is not so anymore. What is it that changes in kids that makes them want to stop kissing and hugging and being lovey-dovey with their Mommy when they reach their teenage years? I can't stand it! I just want to yell, "STOP!" "Stop all this growing up that has gone on without my consent!" But of couse, it still happens.

We took Kim out to dinner tonight, just a simple something to celebrate. We all went to Olive Garden and had a nice time. We ordered a small birthday cake and it was delivered to our table with a candle... all ready for Kim's wish. She was a little embarrassed about it being her birthday, so I quietly sang the "Happy Birthday" song, so as not to bring too much attention to our table. (Wouldn't want to do that, now!) After blowing out the candle, the triplets and I dug in! (Kim didn't want any of the yummy chocolate cake!)

As I sit here thinking about our day before I head off for bed, I'm so full of memories and love... I just want my kids to STAY kids! But I'm thankful for all the cherised moments we've shared so far. And of course, I look forward for many, many more.

Big (((( HUGS )))) for my Kimmy! I love you Kim!

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