Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today I am spending the morning at Starbucks, websurfing and enjoying my Naked OJ, a multrigrain bagel + my Toffee Mocha.

Today I look tired.  {I can totally admit that, I'm not in denial!} I feel tired, too.  It was a long, but fun weekend and here I am on Tuesday still in recovery mode.

Today I need to work on the finishing touches to the triplets' Halloween costumes.  The problem with being a "Crafty Mama" is that we NEVER buy costumes; they're always homemade.  It's been that way for as long as I can remember.

Today I drove my 22-year old daughter to school.  That's a rarity; she usually drives herself everywhere on her own.

Today, for the 4th day in a row,  I woke up next to my husband after he had been on a month-long business trip in the Philippines.  I'm hoping he can stay close to home at least until after the holidays, but his employer might have something else in mind.

Today I'm thinking about my plans for Thanksgiving, my 40th birthday and Christmas.  We're spending Thanksgiving at home as we do every year (we prefer it that way), and hosting a family (my parents + siblings) Christmas at our home this time around.  As far as my 40th birthday goes, I'm still undecided about what to do but I'm considering a one or two day getaway with the Hubz.  We NEVER do that.  Vegas, maybe?

Today is my last FULL day off from work before I begin a 5day-in-a-row stretch on the night shift.  That usually doesn't occur in my schedule but my co-worker is taking 5 days off around the Halloween weekend.  Sucks for me and my kids, but I'm pretty sure we weren't part of her consideration when she made her plans and laid them on me. :/ Oh well.  What goes around will come around, eventually.  We'll have OUR time... I'll just stay positive.  The alternative is not who I choose to be!!!

Today I'm wearing a cozy scarf (my daughter knit it for me) and my warm and toasty Ugg boots.  {Can I just say that there is NOTHING like a pair of genuine Uggs?}

Today I'm going to prepare a hearty beef stew to warm our tummies on this chilly Fall day.  Can't think of anything better for dinner.  YUM.

Today my swollen lymph nodes are not as painful, I've hardly noticed them since I woke up this morning.  They are in my armpit area (both) and one above my collarbone area. I'm pretty sure they are swollen and hurting on account of the vaccinations I received at work last week.  I'm not entirely sure about the complete cocktail of immunizations I received but I do know that it included a tetanus, a flu, a whooping cough and an H1N1.  After Googling my symptoms over the weekend, I found the swollen lymph nodes to be common after these vaccines.  Hope it goes away soon.

Today I really need to get a handle on the triplets' laundry and to begin some type of organization of their closet.  The Hubz and I were discussing it last night and decided to go ahead and take off their closet doors to start with.  Hmmm... Maybe I could begin my day shopping for some cute new curtains for their closet?  Sounds like an excellent plan. :)

Today is early dismissal day at the elementary school.  Kids are out at 1:15pm.  This means I have less time to run around and do my errands.  Better get off this laptop and get down to the business of my day. 

Today I'd really like to scrapbook but I doubt that I have the time.  I can't remember when I DID have the time... :( Gotta set a date to scrapbook with my *best scrapbooking buddy*!

Today I'm gonna text my husband, kids, siblings and parents an "I love you".  For no reason, just because.

Have a great day today!

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