Thursday, October 08, 2009

small world.

Back in May, Wendy and Tyler of Blue Lily Photography took the most beautiful portraits of our five girls in Old Town Temecula. Of course, we think our children are the most gorgeous ever, but isn't the photography equally amazing?

Well, Wendy and Tyler travel all around the country taking beautiful pictures of all kinds of people and families. It just so happens that they have also taken photos of Stephanie Nielson and her family... (Stephanie survived a terrible airplane crash and is recovering from her injuries, going strong I might add!) In fact, you could see Blue Lily Photography ALL OVER Stephanie's home when she appeared on the Oprah show yesterday.

Wendy blogged about Stephanie's appearance ... click here to see her post and be sure to click the link for the Oprah video clip. What a story.

Small world.


{ L } said...

Wow! You have beautiful girls and your 3 little ones are adorable! I'm glad we found each other's blogs recently. I've been SO enjoying yours. I can't remember if I've told you this before or just thought is lol...BUT I love your backdrop on your blog!

NanaKaren said...

Love the picture of your five daughters!

Also, love your blog.

Karen from MI