Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Isn't she Lovely?

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Isn't this the prettiest darn electric mixer you've ever seen? I thought so. Meet my brand-spankin' new Kitchenaid heavy duty mixer in a lovely shade of Pistachio...

I took this picture yesterday right before I used it for the first time. It took me so long to use this thing... I actually bought it almost 2 years ago, but I thought it would be just too much trouble to take it out, get it dirty, clean it up again, etc... Boy, was I wrong. I think this is the best invention since sliced bread (and the iPod, of course)... Made my Christmas baking a heckuvalot easier, that's for sure.

I'm only halfway through my baking though, so I don' t have pics to share just yet. I ran out of butter and flour. So I'll resume my work tomorrow and show you all the results when I'm all done. I actually can't wait to get back to work!

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island girl said...

OMG...pistachio...that is too dam cool! Those Kitchenaids look so pretty, but I am baking challenged :-( !!