Thursday, December 08, 2005

Command Christmas Party

Last Saturday the girls and I attended a childrens Christmas Party sponsored by my husband's command on Camp Pendleton. There was food, drink, crafts & movies for the kids, jumpy houses, and of course... Santa. This is how close my triplets would get to Santa...


Presents or no, they just didn't care for Santa at all.

They preferred to stay within arms reach of the big red guy.

After Santa completely left the building, I got this shot...

Christmas Party

I guess there will be no picture with Santa this year. Have a look at the last 2 years' pics:

Is it just me, or is there a pattern beginning to develop that shows that things are just getting worse?


Marjorie said...

LOL Christine. My grandson, Cam, was like that. Every photo with Santa has his brother with the biggest smile and Cam crying.hahaha

Colleen said...

i didn't know your hubby was a marine. my dad is a marine!!!

love the pics!!!