Saturday, July 02, 2005

Page 1 Sheryl's CJ (Creativity Today!)

Originally uploaded by aloha_chris.

This is a the left side of a layout I put together for a friends Circle Journal. Her theme is "The Girl in the Woman." It was fun. Very simple layouts, but I dig it.

By the way, this isn't my wedding or anything... This is me & my hubby to be on the night of my Junior Prom.

Gotta go, I'm off for a day-long crop in Anaheim Hills with friends!!!

...scroll down for the additional images of this layout...


Jenn said...

I love the layout you did for the C.J. I'm sure the original owner will love it also.

midwest_hick said...

nice pic....but it does look quite a bit like a wedding pic.....thx for the clarification