Tuesday, July 19, 2005


107°... That was today's temperature where I live. OMG.

When we left Hawaii in the summer of 2003, we thought moving to Southern California would be a good thing for us. We could get a bigger home (which we really needed since having the triplets) for a more affordable price. Real estate in Hawaii is very expensive and quite limited. I mean, the islands are small... Of course they will get top dollar for homes there, small or not. And then there's the LOCATION factor.

So we moved to SoCal, and eight months later purchased the house. I love it. It's big and spacious, it's a great floor plan... but it gets so darn hot here in the summer!!! Of course we couldn't afford to buy a place on the coast, so we had to look inland. But INLAND IS HOT!!!

Will I ever get used to this weather? I know, I know... People live in much warmer weather than this, right? I mean, there's Las Vegas, there's Phoenix, etc... But I'm having a hard time adjusting. All I have to say is... thank goodness for A/C!!!

Excuse me while I go pour myself another tall glass of the fabulous sun tea that I've been sipping all afternoon! That is one perk of having all this SUN! Great tea made from the sunshine!!! MMMMMM...

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Marjorie said...

Sounds like your'e feeling a little better today...except for the heat. *smiles*