Friday, May 27, 2005

Today was a Good Day! (Love that song!)

Yes, today was a very good day! First off, it's Friday; that's a no-brainer. Definitely a good thing. Then, my husband was at home for most of the day and I found out he's off work for the next 5 days. Great! And best of all, this evening I got to scrapbook with some other ladies from the Moms of Multiples group (luv, luv, luv those ladies)! The only bummer was that it was a very short crop session. I'm used to "all-day" crops and this one was only 4 hours or so. Oh well. I still got 3 pages "somewhat" done and that's more than I've completed in quite a while. I'm going to bed a happy girl tonight. I'm hoping that this long holiday weekend will be a great one as well. We plan to paint more rooms in the house in the next coming days. The loft and my scrapbooking room for starters. I can't wait! I love using my creativity and getting to be artsy-fartsy while making my home look nice!!!

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