Monday, March 01, 2010

makes me happy.

From a to z, this is a bit of what makes me super-duper happy! (photos for just a few select things, or else this post would have been extremely LONG!)

A- Arizona road trips

B- my Blackberry

C- cupcakes

D- Disneyland

E- eternal love

F- friendships

G- my girls

H- Hawaii

I- iPod

J- jewelry

K- Kawaii-style

L- local-kine-grindz

M- marriage

N- newspaper on Sunday

O- ocean views

P- prayer

Q- quiet time

R- romance

S- scrapbooking

T- triplets

U- ukulele music

V- vacations

W- winter

Y- yogurt smoothies

Z- zippered hoodies

1 comment:

Madeline's Memory said...

I love many of these items too.
I also live in So. Cal. Menifee...I think we are probably pretty close.
Your girls are too cute.