Saturday, February 04, 2006


I've gotten started on the "de-cluttering" I mentioned in my resolutions. I keep trying to imagine what it will be like to be completely uncluttered. Is that even possible?

Man... If I could have a home that always looks just like the pages of my favorite magazine, Real Simple. It would be heaven.

Oh yeah, back to my de-cluttering project. I've started to list things on eBay, to find new homes for items that I don't use anymore. Much more to follow, hopefully. Link below.

My Items

Wish me lots of luck and lots of bids!


chksngr said...

Hey, girlie!!!

I'm all for de-cluttering! ALL FOR IT!

Too bad all my clutter is still in the garage...I'll declutter as I

PS...looking at your auctions...gonna do this with my stuff too.

Marjorie said...

Hi friend...nice hearing from you. Does that mean that hubby will be home soon? I hope so. Yes it's been really cold here...I'm not used to this. I've decided that I like hot better than cold. LOL
I got a new computer and lost all of my bookmarks...glad I found you again. Will bookmark right now!

missy s said...

good house is just a mess and i can't stop buying stuff...i ripped the saying out of a mag that says.."to reduce clutter, buy fewer things!" that is what i never do!

Jessica F said...

Thats awesome you are decluttering. When I moved in June then again in December, I forced myself to throw out or donate SO much stuff! It was hard to do but I feel so much lighter. I think I wrote a whole blog post about it 'cause I was so excited!!! hehe I definitely look at possible purchases a lot differently now!

Colleen said...

i've been purging my scrap supplies too. feels good, doesn't it?